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In our harmony program with nature, we seek to reduce or avoid waste in the production process, in addition to transferring waste for recycling and reuse. Within this program, Artyflex Decorative Profiles guides the waste disposal process and motivates companies, NGOs and social projects to be involved in recycling. You, like us, can also contribute to environmental preservation. Artyflex has developed its product line in harmony with nature. Our decorative profiles are produced with EVA flexible thermoplastics without harming the environment which comes with wood exploitation. Its residues, minimized by the qualitative process of Artyflex, are recycled in the commercial use of crushed stonesas a synthetic aggregate for the filling of slabs and sub-flooring, whose properties can be blended with concrete and mortar among others.

• Lightweight filler for slabs and sub-flooring.
• Acoustic insulation between floors.
• A decrease in structural load.
• Thermal insulation of slabs.
• Manufacture of blocks, panels and other articles.